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Sensor Fusion for Multi-Player Activity Recognition in Game Sports [pdf]

T. Kautz, B. Groh and B. Eskofier

Car Racing Driver Distraction Detection Using Brain EEG [pdf]

M. Salehi, G. Mackellar and C. Leckie

Automatic Extraction of the Passing Strategies of Soccer Teams [pdf]

L. Gyramati and X. Anguera

Inertial Sensor-Based Approach for Shot/Pass Classification During a Soccer Match [pdf]

D. Schuldhaus, C. Zwick, H. Koerger, E. Dorschky, B. Kirk and B. Eskofier

Text Analysis and Sentiment Polarity on FIFA World Cup 2014 Tweets [pdf]

P. Barnaghi, P.Ghaffari, J. Breslin

Tracking player movement in wheelchair rugby: Towards spatial analysis [pdf]

J. Hunt

Using Individual Ball Possession as a Performance Indicator in Soccer [pdf]

D. Link and H. Weber

Identifying Soccer Players using Spatial Constellation Features [pdf]

S. Gerke and K. Muller

Dominant Interaction Group Detection in Team Sports [pdf]

B. Bozorgtabar and R. Goecke

Player Falling Detection in Soccer Matches Videos [pdf]

  1. R.Oruganti and R. Goecke

IMU-Based Trick Classification in Skateboarding [pdf]

B. Groh, T. Kautz, D. Schuldhaus and B. Eskofier

Discovering Methods of Scoring in Soccer Using Tracking Data [pdf]

T. Fernando

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Poster submissions should be extended abstracts no more than 4 pages in length (in KDD format, do not need to be anonymous).  Extended abstracts should be submitted by June 5th 11:59 PM PDT. Templates for submissions can be found here

Submission can be done via CMT at the following location: https://cmt.research.microsoft.com/LSSA2015

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